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6 Tips To Become A Sexting Guru

6 Tips To Become A Sexting Guru

Many find sexting as one of the best foreplay’s. It is an enticing, flirty and funny way to chat with your lover. If your relationship needs some excitement, then you can try sexchating and I am sure you will see the side of your lover you never knew was there.

But before talking naughty, it is better to know the rules of sexting and how to do it right. Unless you want to sound like a jerk, which I am sure you don’t.

6 Tips

  1. Timing

Texting dirty is not like sending a famous quote or a funny video which can make your lover respond in a second. Sexting is private, personal and it takes its own time to set the conversation on right track.

Before you set the mood, make sure you and your lover do not have any scheduled lined up. Make sure you both have enough time to chat without any distractions stealing the show. Nights are the best because you both will be in bed and free from any distraction.

  1. Start Easy and Slow

The mood always build up gradually, and there should be adequate warm up to do that. It can start with a genuine compliment like “your skin is very soft” or even with weather conditions like” how cold the night is”, or even sending an erotic photograph of a couple you found online with a message “wish it was us rn!” would start moving your game towards the direction you intend. Remember that you should always indulge in a sexual conversation slowly and gradually. Any hastening will steal the show away.

  1. Your Role play Brings The Foreplay

Role playing have always worked out while sexting with your lover. It gives you the freedom to think beyond your usual sex affairs and let you live your fantasies without being mis-judged. So if you want to fuck her like a cowboy, be a fucking cowboy!

This is the best way to express your deepest desires of being close to your partner and experience different ways in which you fantasize your lover.

  1. Send Good Nudes

If you have got to that level with your partner that you can share nudes, make sure you do it like a pro. Don’t send nudes which make you look like a thumbnail of a porn which nobody clicks on. Make sure you use the right angles to click the images and focus the lights where they should be.

Do not give away everything at one go. Make your partner work for your photo. Make them crazy hot before you actually send a real selfie of your stuff. Take your time, engage, tease and then give it as an award.

It is highly recommended to use apps like snap chat to make sure your images don’t auto save themselves on the phone. If you are storing the images in a gallery, you should put a pin lock. When using emoji’s, you should be aware of the sex codes. Banana and eggplant represent the penis while the vagina is represented by a pussy cat. You can even text and sect in public when you know the emoji codes.

  1. Erotic Talk

Sexting is incomplete and inefficient without dirty messages or erotic talk. It guides sexting and the messages pat hand express your wildest fantasies that keep unfolding the charm and passion. Describing what you are wearing, asking for the naughty sex photos, or making erotic comments about the things that you would like to do with your partner are some areas of interest. If you are looking for best romantic and sexual words, try “Ericka Lust’s” work for porn, and Sarah Mac lean and Rebecca Brooks for romance.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid

When you are sexting to a partner with whom you have an established sexual relationship, or with whom a sexual interest is already lingering there, Use words and phrases which you use while having real sex. While the word “cock “may sound weird to you while typing, it will be very sexy for your partner when he reads it back.

These tips are useful for the experienced as well for those who are new to the world of the dirty chatting.

Vividness and buildup of anticipation and passion can add more love to your relations. Sexting can boost care and romance if done properly and at the right time.